We now offer a new service!

We now offer a new service! Patricia’s Triad of Tranquility ” Elevate your wellness journey!!

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Physical, Emotional and Light Therapy, Heal the Spirit

Heal the Spirit

Soul and Spirit Techniques

In an ocean there are huge waves, then smaller waves, and still smaller, down to little bubbles; but back of all these is the infinite ocean.  The bubble is connected with the infinite ocean at one end , and the huge wave at the other end. So, one may be a gigantic man, and another a little bubble; but each is connected with that infinite ocean of energy which is the common birthright of every animal that exists.  Wherever there is life, the storehouse of infinite energy is behind it.


45, 60, 75, 90 minutes

60 & 90 minute sessions available

Initial Consult 120 minutes, Follow-up Sessions 90 minutes

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