At Collective Harmony, we believe in the body’s natural ability to heal its self with the correct tools, and that massage is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body.


Our therapists provide comfortable, caring services with a strong emphasis on getting to know your unique needs. They will carefully listen to your concerns before each session and work with you to create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you.

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You have so much potential built up inside of you, sometimes we just need a helping hand to guide us on the correct path. Whether that is a pain in the physical body that needs healing, emotional blockages, life coaching or even career coaching. Collective Harmony offers a wide range of curated services to help you achieve a higher frequency, more enriching life. The Collective Harmony team is comprised of experts in their respective fields and are always on a path of higher education so they can provide you with the best tools possible. 





Sharon Sloper


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Professional Member of the AMTA


Sharon has created a holistic approach to helping her clients achieve their optimum physical and mental health. Whether you require spiritual support such as Emotion/Body Coding, body work such as Therapeutic Massage, or Transformational Life Coaching to rewire your mindset and outlook on life, Sharon's expertise lies in creating a tailor-made experience that will fit your unique needs.

Sharon began her career in wellness by giving massages out of a hair salon back in 1988 after obtaining her first massage certification. She now has over 30 years of experience in enriching lives and promoting wellness. Sharon is Nationally Certified, has her master's in Holistic Alternative Psychology, and is currently working towards adding a Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) Master Practitioner Certification to her repertoire. She has mastered skills and techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger), Emotion/Body Coding, Transformational Life/Mindset Coaching, and even more. 

Sharon wears many different hats at Collective Harmony, but her ultimate goal is to guide you as you actively progress towards restoring health and wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit. She provides ongoing support as you find balance in your life, both mentally and physically, so that you can live up to your full potential, whatever that may mean to you.   

Body Code


Raindrop Therapy


Pre-Natal Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Life/Mindset Coaching



Kacie Larson


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Kacie Larson



Kacie is dedicated to helping and healing those in pain by integrating clinical medicine and traditional holistic practices. She began her career in helping others by answering calls for suicide hotlines, working for women's health centers, as well as for the Minneapolis Heart Institute. She then turned towards more traditional techniques of healing, knowing that her knowledge of chronic pain and health could be better used to help her clients in a more holistic sense.

Kacie has her BA in Sociology and recently became certified in FasciAshi Massage through the Center for Barefoot Massage. She has worked with many people that struggle with fibromyalgia and chronic pain in the back and neck using techniques such as Therapeutic Massage and Cupping.  Kacie views her sessions as a team effort in which she will work together with you to uncover the cause of your pain or discomfort, so that she can better help you work towards a solution.

Beyond Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, and Cupping, Kacie also specializes in Prenatal Massage, and is dedicated to providing affordable and quality care for pregnant women. Having had two children of her own, Kacie understands the importance of reducing stress hormones, easing tense muscles, and having a massage therapist that knows how to tailor a massage especially for the changing bodies of expecting mothers. 

Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage

Reflexology Massage

Cupping Technique

Kinesiology Taping




Patricia Pate


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Patricia Pate

Internationally Certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist


Patricia is dedicated to her life to a  path of healing. Growing up in California her Holistic approach to health, wellness and mindset was nurtured from a young age. She was taught how to care for one’s self and family by looking at the person as a whole being. To figure out the root cause/s behind the issues and/or discomfort an individual was experiencing and make recommendations to achieve wellness. 

Patricia is a naturally gifted intuitive healer and has been on a lifelong journey of learning and developing her talents. Her most recent educational endeavor is Esogetic Colorpuncture. After successfully completing an 18 month program, she became an Internationally Certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist in March of 2018.

Currently, Patricia is pursuing her HNLP Master Practitioner certification. Once completed, she will be one of Collective Harmony’s amazing Transformational Life Coaches.  

Patricia has been married for 26 years and has a wonderful family. She has one teenage son who is very active in sports and she enjoys watching him year round. Her hobbies include sewing, painting, quilting and crafting. 






Nivein Rady


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International Reiki Certified

Touch For Health Certified

Nivein’s journey within the Reiki Jin Kei Do practice started when she needed to find more calm in her life. Reiki helps strengthen the immune system and boost recovery time, which is very important to Nivein due to her history as a medical interpreter. Though originally from Cairo, Egypt, she began studying Reiki with Reiki Master Steve Gooch of the U.K. Nivein practices Reiki because it promotes a holistic healing transformation. Through Reiki, the body, mind, and spirit come together to cleanse you of mental and physical toxins. Nivein helps her clients find peace and comfort within themselves through the practice of Reiki. Nivein is also Touch for Health Certified.








Cherie Benson


Cherie Benson


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Personal Health Coaching

Corporate Wellness Consultant










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